Period Portraits are proud to present a fine and rare pair of high quality, canine studies by the celebrated sporting artist James Ward (1769 -1859) These lively paintings, both have a great depth of colour, and attention to light and shade.

Ward vividly depicts a the same hound in two different and highly naturalistic poses. Of particular note is the wonderfully loose brushwork used in the animals coat and also that the each oil is in a fantastic state of conservation. Signed bottom left, and housed in their original, elaborate, 19th century swept gilded frames these highly decorative paintings are ready to hang and enjoy.

James Ward (1769-1859) was born in London and apprenticed at age twelve to the engraver John Raphael Smith. He soon became known as a talented engraver, especially in mezzotint. However, in order to seek admission to the Royal Academy, Ward began to pursue a career as a painter.

He initially founded his reputation on rustic genre scenes characterized by loose brushwork and simplified forms; this approach was informed by the painting style of his brother-in-law George Morland and drew on observations made during a trip to Wales.

In 1794, Ward was appointed painter and engraver in mezzotint to the Prince of Wales.  However, after the turn of century he absorbed the influence of Peter Paul Rubens and adopted a more dramatic style featuring bolder forms and intense colors while continuing his study of human and animal anatomy .

As a mature artist he was much in demand for his closely-observed portraits of horses. Livestock and other animals consistently appeared in his work. Sadly he lived the final years of his life in financially perilous state due to a career-ending stroke in 1852

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Canvas : 15” x 12" / 38cm x 30.5cm.  
Frame: 20" x W 17" / 50.5cm x W 43cm 
Internal Ref: 00080  

Price: £9250