Early 18th century mezzotint portrait of  Edmund Dunch (1657-17190) Mr Dunch was a British politician, MP and member of the political and literary club, the Kit-Kit-Kat Club, crucially he was also ‘Master of the Royal Household’ to Queen Anne. 

Like his fellow Kit-Kat club members, Dunch was a Whig throughout his life. During his political career he was returned unopposed as MP for Boroughbridge in Yorkshire, at the 1713 general election. It was also rumoured in June 1702 that Dunch would be created a baron of England.

He was elected MP for Wallingford, the same constituency that his ancestors had served in parliament. It turned out that he was the last Dunch to represent Wallingford though, and with his death the male line of this branch of the Dunch family became extinct!

Dunch was the only son of Hungerford Dunch MP of Little Wittenham and Down Ampney and his wife Catherine Oxton, daughter of William Oxton of Hertfordshire. He married Elizabeth Godfrey, one of the maids of honour to the queen, in 1702. 

As a member of the Kit-Kat club, it was custom of the club that his portrait was duly painted and engraved. This collection of mezzotints date from 1731-5 and compose 47 portraits of the members. The collection was originally sold as a box containing printed title page, dedication and 47 mezzotints.

Mezzotint. Framed: 49 cm x 36 cm / 19 in. x 14 in. Sheet : 44 cm x 31 cm/ 17.5 in. x 12 in. Executed 1733

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