18th century mezzotint portrait of  'James Sayer - Aged 13 Years' Mezzotint, on laid paper Circa 1772 51.5 x 36cm, Richard Houston (1743-1822) After Johann Zoffany (1733-1810)

After the very famous Zoffany painting of 1770 , originally engraved by Richard Houston in 1773 and published by the subject's father Robert Sayer, the London publisher.

Johan Joseph Zoffany, RA, born Johannes Josephus Zaufallij (13 March 1733 – 11 November 1810) was a German neoclassical painter, active mainly in England, Italy and India. His works appear in many prominent British collections such as the National Gallery London. the Tate Gallery and in the Royal Collection as well as institutions in Europe, India, the United States and Australia. His name is sometimes spelled Zoffani or Zauffelij (on his grave, it is spelled Zoffanij).

Robert Sayer (1725–1794) was a leading publisher and seller of prints, maps and maritime charts in Georgian Britain. He was based near the Golden Buck on Fleet Street in London. Sayer organised the engraving of paintings by some leading artists of the day, most importantly Johan Zoffany RA, and sold prints from the engravings. In this way he helped to secure Zoffany’s international reputation. Sayer and the artist became longstanding friends as well as business associates.

Mezzotint. Framed: 43 cm x 56 cm / 17in. x 22 in. Sheet : 51.5cm x 36cm/ 20.5 in. x 14.5 in. Executed 1772

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