Study of Edward Nettleship, pencil on paper. This drawing was done shortly after Augustus John left the Slade (1894-1898) as is done with a strong Slade influence, with intimately drawn short strokes.  

EDWARD NETTLESHIP Edward was Ida's uncle and known affectionately as Uncle Ned, he was brother to Jack Nettleship (Ida's father) 

AUGUSTUS EDWIN JOHN (1878-1961) John was born in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, the third of four children. A brilliant student at the Slade School of Art (1894-98). He had also studied together with his sister Gwen John in Paris. He was associated with the New English Art Club and the Camden Town Group but remained largely independent from artistic trends and movements. Although timid in his early days after injuring his head diving into the sea while on holiday in Pembrokeshire in 1897 he became a dramatically changed figure, described by Wyndham Lewis as ‘a great man of action into whose hands the fairies had placed a paintbrush instead of a sword’. By the 1920s he was the leading portraitist of his day whose sitters included distinguished contemporaries such as George Bernard Shaw and T.E. Lawrence. He was elected to the Royal Academy in 1928. Alongside these achievements his lifestyle epitomised that of the bohemian artist, a reputation bolstered by his fascination with Romany culture.   

COLLECTIONS The Artist; Admiral Sir Caspar John Martin Summers

Pencil Drawing
9 1/4 in X 12 1/8 in
23.5cm X 30.8cm
Executed ca. 1900  

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