Fine, sensitively rendered early 17th century portrait of a gentleman, painted in the oval and housed in a highly decorative carved and gilded 18th century frame, attributed to Jan Van Haensbergen (1642-1705)

Although the identity of the sitter have been separated from this painting, it was almost certainly created in the Dutch Republic during the closing years of the seventeenth century and likely by Jan Van Haensbergen. It depicts a notable handsome and fashion conscious young man, perching upon a rocky outcrop, sporting a tall periwig and full yet plain cravat, and this portrait exudes confidence.

It was during this later part of the seventeenth century that the process of moving towards a smoother classical style was very much in vogue amongst portrait painters (Kneller being an exception rather than the rule). The vigorous manner of the likes of Rembrandt gave way to much tighter and controlled brushwork, usually only visible when right up close to the canvas.

Jan van Haensbergen (1642-1705), began his career in Utrecht before moving to the Hague in 1669. The portraits by Arnold Boonen (1669-1729) too, who was born in Amsterdam but spent much of his working life in Dordrecht, are also very comparable in terms of style and composition. Both of these artists were in some part following the tone set by the likes of Netscher and Maes, whose paintings on a comparably smaller scale proved to be remarkably popular amongst patrons.

Despite the fact that many of these Dutch patrons were Calvinists, and often severe protestants, portraits such as these are testament to the fact that Dutch painters were responding to the prevalent fashions emanating from other more opulent European nations. As to be expected from portraits by the aforementioned artists above, this painting also contains atmospheric landscape which shoots off into the distance beyond. Not only does this reference the much earlier traditions of including such embellishments in portraiture, yet, it might also recall the great Dutch tradition of landscape painting which had similarly experienced a golden age during this very century. This painting is ready to hang and enjoy.

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Canvas: 22" x 18" / 56cm x 46cm.
Framed: 28" x 26" / 71cm x 66cm.

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