Fine and rare large scale 17th century three quarter portrait of a lady.  Our pale skinned and flame haired beauty is seated centrally upon a bank eyes to centre. She wears a loose robe and cloak and holds a scallop shell, a well known symbol of virtue and purity. In a later gilt frame with spandrels.

Harmen Verelst (1641- 1690) 
Herman Verelst was the son of Pieter Hermansz Verelst and his wife, born in The Hague. He was the second of three sons who became painters: the other two were Simon and Johannes. As an adult Verelst married, and some of his children, Cornelis and Maria Verelst, also became painters. He became a pupil in the Confrerie Pictura in 1663, at the same time as his brother Simon. It was founded by his father, who taught all three sons. Verelst is celebrated for his portraits and still life paintings. He worked in Amsterdam, Italy, and Vienna before moving to London.

Canvas : 50" x 40" / 127cm x 101cm.
Frame: 56" x 46" / 142cm x 116cm. 
Internal Ref: 0006

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Price: £18250