18th century three quarter portrait of a Andrew Moffat of The East India Company, in a carved and gilded M. Grieve frame.

Lemuel Frances Abbot (1760 - 1802) 
Born in Leicestershire in 1760 or 1761, the son of clergyman of the same name, Lemuel became a pupil of Francis Hayman in 1775 age 14 and lived in London in 1775. After his teachers death in1776 he returned to his parents where  he continued to develop his artistic talents, it has also been suggested that  he may also have studied with Joseph Wright of Derby. In 1780, Abbott married Anna Maria, and returned to  London, . where he exhibited at the Royal Academy. Abbott painted portraits of many figures of the day including leading seamen such as Admiral Nelson, Admiral Sir Robert Calder, Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Pasley and Captain William Locker, astronomer Sir William Herschel, poet William Cowper, artists Francesco Bartolozzi and Joseph Nollekens, entrepreneur Matthew Boulton and industrialist John Wilkinson amongst others. 

Andrew Moffat  (died 1780)
Moffat was a ship insurer and member of the illustrious East India Company. The company relied on dense networks of kinship, patronage and sociability to maintain its monopolistic control over Asian trade.  Moffat lived at Cranbrook House in Ilford, opposite Valentines and next to Highlands, and although he had not been to sea , his  two brothers were retired captains, closely involved as PMO or Directors of EIC.
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Canvas : 29" x 24" / 74cm x 61cm.
Frame: 36" x 31" / 92cm x 78cm. 
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Price: £11,950