18th century oil on canvas in its original carved and gilded frame.

Enoch Seeman The Younger (1694-1744)
Enoch Seeman was born in Danzig in Poland into a family of painters and his father brought him to London in 1704 and his career  began with a group portrait of the Bisset family in the style of the portraitist Godfrey Kneller.Popular at the British royal court Seeman the Younger completed portraits of George I, in 1730, in the robes of his coronation and of George II some years later. The first of these pictures is held at the Middle Temple in London, England, and the second is at Windsor Castle in Berkshire, England, part of the royal collection. Seeman the younger died in 1744.

Leonard Smelt (1683-1740)
The Smelt’s were a prominent Yorkshire family from Northallerton where they had owned many of the burgages, since the mid-17th century. Leonard was a trustee of Kettlewell’s charity to provide the local poor with bibles, medicines, clothes and education, it continues to this day. The first member of the Smelt family  to sit in Parliament, Leonard was returned at a by-election in 1709 at Thirsk. His support for the Whig government after the Hanoverian succession earned him places in the Ordnance. He died on 30 May 1740.
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Canvas : 35.5" x 25.5" , 89cm x 65cm
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